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Saturday, June 22, 2019


Dear Friends,

I have now been offline for quite a while, and some are wondering if I am o.k.  Basically, the answer is yes, but I have been having much hip pain when I try to walk and so far drs. have not found a cause
(with x-rays, MRI, and such).  I will next go to a specialist in such problems and see what they say.

Aside from this condition, I am fine.  I have several writing projects I am working on and these keep me busy.  In September, my next book ("Kundalini Splendor: The god in the Body") is being  published by Emergence Education Press, who also published "The Kundalini Poems."  This is a prose book, containing reflections on various aspects of the Kundalini process.  It is different from any book on Kundalini currently available and grows our of my own long involvement with Kundalini as mystery.  The editor/publisher is Jeff Carreira, whom I met last week when he came out to Colorado to see me.  We had a wonderful meeting and made a video for future use.

I will continue to post on both blog and FB from time to time, though likely not as often as before.

Love and joy to all.  Enjoy the summer.


             But pleasures are like poppies spread;
             You seize the flower,
             its bloom is shed;
            or like the snow falls in the river,
             a moment white, then gone forever.
                                     Robert Burns

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