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Wednesday, July 24, 2019



First, I have a confession.  For quite some time I have simply not made space for any kind of practice, or, if I did, I found my response weak and uninteresting.

But, today things changed.  I did a short practice yesterday and did indeed feel a few stirrings of delicate bliss here and there.  But when I first got up today, I detected pleasant energy moving within, so I made simple movement my priority.

It has been a very long time since I could do floor asanas, so I do my process standing.  What I do is very simple, yet it has taken me decades to reach this point.  I call it "subtle, subtle yoga."  As I have gotten older and stiffer, I am required to do less and less in order to arouse and enjoy the "bliss."  This bliss (which at times escalates to rapture or even ecstasy) is, for me, evidence of union with the divine.  No, we cannot think our way to god/goddess, but we can indeed feel the energy of this sacred presence  move within both our physical and subtle bodies.

Here is how I do it:  I rotate my hands around my body a few inches away, often holding a special vial of essential oil (containing frankencense and amber––only this particular vial will work).  As I move my hands around (today) my head and face, I feel sweet and delicate energies bathing my physical and subtle bodies.  Gradually I move my hands down until each area is suffused with loving frequencies.  Sometimes I take deep whiffs of the essential oil.  The result is bliss, reminiscent of the earlier times when rapture was so intense.  This bliss is soft, gentle, only a wee fraction of what it was in that earlier stage.

But I don't care.  It is perfect for where I am now.  Indeed, I don't wish to reexpeience the strong currents of the beginning.

I am grateful to discover that Kundalini pleasure is still possible, now in a much more refined form.  For me, this is still the path of union with the divine and I still believe that all of us are heading in this direction as we go through this current stage of our evolution.

Dorothy Walters
July 24, 2019

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