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Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Speaking with the Departed 

Speaking with the Departed

Recently a dear friend and colleague unexpectedly left the planet.  Carol and I had worked on many projects together at the  university where we taught.  Along with a few other like minded souls we had set up one of the earlier women's studies programs in the country, right in Kansas, right in the middle of what was then known as "Bob Dole Country."  Together we had created and published one of the first anthologies of poems by women at a time when women were often excluded from many collections.  We were 'spiritual buddies," friends who seemed destined to collaborate in various ways.  She was a friend among friends, one who supported and encouraged others' personal creative efforts.

A few days after Carol left, I began to talk with her in my head.  I felt this seemed quite natural, but hesitated to tell anyone that I was doing this.

But, lo and behold, when I began to tell others what I was doing, I discovered that many of them did the same thing.  They kept their connection with departed friends and loved ones by talking with them regularly.  For them, this was not a big deal, just an accepted part of their lives.

I have mentioned earlier Betty Kovacs' wonderful book called "There is only Life," in which she recounts her ongoing conversations with both her departed husband and son.  I strongly recommend it.

I told a therapist/healer/friend what I was doing and soon she started conversing with Carol also.  Carol told her that I 'had two more books in me," and that she would wait for me.  I was glad to get both of these bits of news.

I wonder how many of us are experiencing similar events in our lives.  Often we do not share these with others, for fear of seeming odd or even a bit off key.  Perhaps these days things are changing so that we can share these unusual happenings without fear of judgment or censure.

P. S.  Here is more news from my psychic friend.  I have been having much pain in my left hip and leg, especially when I try to walk.  This friend began doing long distance healings on me, and that very day the pain lessened notably.  I am now walking with less than half the pain I had before.  For this shift I am most grateful.

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