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Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Bloch and Ecstasy 

Bloch and Ecstasy

When I was writing my spiritual memoir ("Unmasking the Rose") I was fearful that I had so many entries describing my near constant days of bliss that readers would be bored.  Finally a friend suggested that I simply write 'Ecstasy again––see page 86."

Just now, a similar situation is happening, daily "bliss outs, each experience arriving under different circumstances and with a different flavor.  Today it began with listening to Bloch's "Concerto Grosso" on my new sound system.  This is the music I associate with my original awakening, for I played it a lot during that initial Kundalini awakening (1981, age 53).

It has not lot its power.  This piece is powerful and also sensuous, each passage and phrase arousing deep feelings of rapture within.  It mainly involved sensations of ecstasy around and within the head, my hands moving in circles nearby.  So very sweet, so indescribably delicate and even quasi-erotic.  It is the musical equivalent of Kundalini itself.

I am always grateful when these wondrous experiences return, for they assure me that Kundalini is still active within, despite my age and occasional quiescent periods.  Once Kundalini ecstasy begins, it can continue, apparently, until the very end of life.  This is the real 'unconditional love" spoken of by the NDE survivors.  It is the 'Beloved Within" active forever.

And as I have said often, Kundalini as the life force is leading all of us through our current transformation to a new level of human evolution.  The nervous system is literally refashioned to allow a different kind of response as we reverberate in a new way to the world around us.

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