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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Another bliss/light experience 

Another bliss/light experience

Wen we are turning to light, we may experience bliss again and again, always in a slightly different way.  It is as if the "bliss master" wants to be certain not to overlook any area or part of the physical or subtle body, so each day or episode is different from any other.

Today it was legs.  When I first started doing energy practice (bliss outs) many years ago, I almost never felt any joy or movement in my feet and legs.  They were stiff, almost frozen, and seldom felt anything during practice.

But lately, while I was having so much pain walking or standing, I began to focus more on feelings in my legs and feet.

This morning, even before I brushed my teeth, I noticed something going on (sweet energetic movement) in my lower legs and feet.  I began automatically to rotate my hips in small circles.  Each time I shifted my weight from one foot to the other I felt sweet thrills of energy (like light) moving in my lower legs and feet.  Intention itself seemed to play a part in this response.  I kept on circling my body with my hands throughout, finally moving them up near various chakras, until I reached the crown.  There was a subtle sweetness wherever I moved.  

It was another "Surprised by Bliss" experience.  I am always delighted by these unexpected visitations of joy and it does indeed feel like light moving in exquisite sensation through various physical/subtle energy centers.

Sometimes "it' comes as the Beloved Within indeed making love to you, sometimes it is a wisdom source giving you downloads of thoughtful insight, sometimes it comes as the Friend (of Sufi tradition).  Just as we ourselves go through many stages or states in one day or over many days, so does the "guide' within, our Beloved and our constant companion as we constantly shift into fresh configurations of who we are as embodiments of ever more light.

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