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Thursday, August 08, 2019

Interesting youtube presentation 


This presentation is quite fascinating, since it attempts to compare ancient yogic writings and modern practice.  It has much interesting information, but I read it with a very critical eye coming as I do from a different experiential perspective.  Mostly I am concerned that the speaker insists that the aim of kundalini yoga is to enter a state of samadhi (awareness of vastness) and not what he calls "worldly experience."  He does state that kundalini yoga will reveal your true nature.  I agree.  But I feel that your "true nature" is bliss itself, that state that lies like a sleeping serpent beneath consciousness.  He insists that 'worldy experience" precludes attainment of "spiritual wisdom."  I believe that it (ecstasy) is the gateway to progress in spiritual wisdom.  The two go hand in hand,  When your body opens to intense rapture, you are introduced to a level of feeling and perception beyond anything you have imagined before.
Yet his perspective is one worth considering.  I of course feel that we must always weigh any philosophical interpretation carefully, sort out what rings true from false.  I love the advice attributed to Buddha: "Lay down your own path."


P.S.  Just for the record, I again experienced the Beloved as bliss once more today.  But this time, it started in the lower chakras and as I slowly rotated my hips and shifted my weight,  the feeling spread into my calves and feet. I have been focusing on feet recently, and have even been using a vibrator (no, not that kind) to increase the circulation in my feet.

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