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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Purpose of Yoga and Kundalini 

The Purpose of Yoga and Kundalini

Here is a quote from the intro to the text named below:

"Its practice (Yoga) demands complete mastery of the physical and mental body, rendering the body and mind capable of withstanding prolonged ecstatic states of union with the infinite. Samadhi, or the enlightened state, is not just a mental experience; it is a psychokinetic or whole-body/mind event, involving every fiber, cell and tissue.”  

Later the same writer asserts that the final goal of Yoga is to turn the physical into light.

This quote is taken from the introductory comments for "Hatha Yoga
Pradipitika" (as presented by Swami Muktibodhananda).
Although he is speaking specifically about Yoga, his remarks apply equally to Kundalini.  Both are means of transcending mere bodily exercise in order to enter another level, that of total transfiguration of  flesh and bone into light itself.  Each fiber, cell and tissue must be transformed as a new self is readied to promote human evolution.  This process of awakening and integration can take a very long time, perhaps years.

Meanwhile our cells are 
turning to air,
finer and finer 
arrangements of light.

from "Marrow of Flame"
Included in "Some Kiss We Want"

Each time bliss enters the body, it aids in the process of transformation.  Each episode of joy moves us closer to that light which is our goal.

 quote appearing above about the purpose of Yoga mistakenly includes a picture of dear Matt Fox, but he did not write it.)

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