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Monday, September 09, 2019

Another "Surprised by Joy" Ex[periece 

Another "Surprised by Joy" Experience

This afternoon I decide to go for a brief walk, and so I stepped out onto my balcony to see how hot it might be.  Almost immediately I felt sweet energy flowing within and so I moved my hands around my body (and never touching), a few inches away and up and down around the various chakras.  For about 15 or so minutes I felt lovely sensation here and there and, as always, was deeply grateful, for, once more, I received affirmation that I was part of the divine flow, the reality that undergirds and animates the universe.

Correction: I have mentioned that Kundalini bliss continues even now, but I do not mean that I am in a state of unbroken, constant bliss.  Not at all. I simply mean that from time to time I am visited and infused by this blessed force and I am grateful that such experiences keep happening even at this age.

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