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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Gifts that are Given 

Gifts that are Given

When we go through transformation (or for some, even before), we often receive many gifts of expanded awareness,  I have met people who suddenly can see long distances, hear with uncommon acuteness, listen to heavenly music, or become highly telepathic.  Such abilities are especially likely to come about after Kundalini awakening.

Since my interview on Batgap, I have heard from many who enjoy such "talents."  Some are able to move their energies through slight movement of their fingers (I have described my own ability to do this––after so many years of experiencing the inner energies as bliss).  Others can know the future, both their own and society's. Some become remarkably telepathic.  Some receive "downloads' of information or even poetry.  Some do lucid dreaming.  Some communicate with their loved ones or others on the other side. Some become helpers of those leaving this planet for other realms.  Some become channels or dousers or energy healers.
Others develop x-ray vision.  Some can go out of body at will.
Many can see auras or feel the energy fields of others or stroke the edges of their own.

Perhaps the greatest gift is bliss, even ecstasy, for this aligns us with divine reality and we feel profoundly connected to Source, the vast love field that creates and powers the universe.

These abilities are not the reason we do yoga or undergo Kundalini awaikening. Rather, they are interesting side effects of the transformation process.  Kundalini, like yoga per se, aims to turn every fiber and cell of you body to light, as we enter the next stage in our ongoing evolution process.

Dorothy Walters
September 10, 2019

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