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Saturday, September 07, 2019

Love Poem for Those Who Long for a Human Lover––poem by Ddrrothy 

Love Poem for Those Who Long for a Human Lover

The Invisible Lover Speaks:

Of course I love you,
how could I not?
We meet at that place
where movement and language merge,
where sound and body blend 
into one saying, 
one note,
one being,
one reality.

Do you not know this?
Do you not feel this
as a vibration in your body,
a frequency you long for,
a tone you crave to hear?

The Human Replies:

Let the others
fall into vastness
or mate with the unseen.
I want to put my arms
around you,
feel your palpable self,
your fleshly glory
against my own.

But like air you have
no shape or form,
like light you move through matter
and leave no sign.

Even when you infuse me
with joy, you never show me
your face.

Dorothy Walters
August 15/September 7, 2019

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