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Friday, September 06, 2019



Yesterday, about 4 in the afternoon, I went out on my balcony to get a breath of fresh air.  I live in a 4th floor apartment and my balcony overlooks many trees, all still heavy with green leaves, as well as sidewalks and an avenue busy with vehicles nearby.

As I stood there, watching the trees sway slightly with the gentle   breeze, I realized that something was "different."  With each movement of the leaves on the nearby trees, I felt sweet bliss inside. Indeed, everything that I saw that was moving, created soft waves of sensuous feeling within my body.  Even the people walking on the sidewalk below had this effect, as did the cars traveling up and down the city street.

What is happening?  I wondered.  It is as if I and the "outside world" were linked with a special bond,  perhaps tethered to eternity.

Then today something else happened, equally intriguing.  Again, I had stepped out onto the balcony.  Behind me and to my left the wall of the building, red brick with white cement in between the bricks.  For some reason I ran my eyes down this wall, and as I did so I again felt delicious sensations within.  Of course my eyes were shifting to the left and down as I did this.

When I checked to see whether anything was moving nearby, there was only quiet; the I moved my eyes down the wall once more.  There was only bliss within when I traced the pattern made by the bricks and mortar.

I think eyes and eye movements are important in yogic practice.  I suspect that some advanced yogis are very familiar with what I describe, but, as always, I am allowed the delight of undirected discovery.

When these things happen, you do indeed feel that outer and inner, exterior and interior worlds, are one.

(picture from Vicki Woodward's site)

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